You can find on this page the Israel road map to print and to download in PDF. The Israel driving map presents the detailed road network, main highways and free motorways of Israel in Asia.

Israel roads map

Maps of Israel roads

The Israel road map shows all roads network and main roads of Israel. This road map of Israel will allow you to preparing your routes and find your routes through the roads of Israel in Asia. The Israel roads map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Probably the lowest road in the world, Road 90, which actually runs the whole length of Israel, from the Kiryat Shemona in the far north, to Eilat in the far south as its mentioned in Israel roads map, is, for its 100km stretch alongside the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, the lowest road on earth, and the closest Israel has to a true West Coast USA style Coastal Highway.

The beautiful scenic drive through the Carmel Mountains features windy roads which present the magnificent scenery of the forest and down across the narrow Coastal Plain to the Mediterranean Sea. Heading north on Road 4, make a right at the Oren Junction onto Road 721 as you can see in Israel roads map. Continue along the road right up and through the passes of the Carmel Mountains. After about 10km you’ll come to the junction with Road 672.

The Switzerland Forest Scenic Road stands high above the Sea of Galilee. Built by KKL-JNF as part of their forestation efforts in the area, the amazing road is actually a vital part of the system for regulating the flow of extra water which flows down the very steep ascent of the Poriah Heights, through the city of Tiberias, to the Sea of Galilee as its shown in Israel roads map. The 6km scenic route is located between Tiberias and the Poriah Hostel and offers some magnificent stop-off-points to enjoy the scenery.

Israel highway map

Maps of Israel motorways

The Israel highway map shows toll and free motorways of Israel. This highways map of Israel will allow you to prepare your routes on motorways of Israel in Asia. The Israel highway map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Israel new Road No 6 project is well on track, with some 140km of the planned 260km route already operating. The Road No 6 as its shown in Israel highway map project is being planned by Cross Road Highway from planning and statutory stages through bidding and construction. This state-owned firm is now preparing the next stages of the No 6 route.

Free-flow tolling technology is being used on the No 6 highway. Cross Road Highway also has responsibility for two other key toll sections in Israel, the Carmel Tunnels in Haifa and the Fast-Lane at the entrance to Tel Aviv. The highway is 170km long and getting longer each year as its mentioned in Israel highway map. The Israeli government marked the highway as a high priority national project that supports the development of Israel transport, economy and society. Due to the route’s importance, the government expedited its construction by special means.

As a rule of thumb, Israeli highways are numbered even for north-south, and odd for east-west. The major highways in Israel as you can see in Israel highway map are: Route 1 – Tel Aviv to Jordan River, Route 2 – Tel Aviv to Haifa, Route 4 – Erez Border Crossing (Gaza) to Rosh HaNikra, Route 6 – Kiryat Gat to Barkai, Route 20 – Rishon LeZion to Herzliya, Route 40 – Lotan to Kfar Saba, Route 65 – Caesarea to Afula, Route 70 – Zichron Yaakov to Shelomi, Route 90 – Taba Border Crossing to Metulla.