You can find on this page the Israel region map to print and to download in PDF. The Israel political map presents states, regions, provinces and surrounding areas of Israel in Asia.

Israel regions map

Map of Israel areas

The Israel regions map shows surrounding areas and provinces of Israel. This administrative map of Israel will allow you to know regions of Israel in Asia. The Israel regions map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The country tourism authorities divide Israel into three main regions lengthwise as its mentioned in Israel regions map: the coastal plain, the mountain region, and the Jordan Valley Rift. There is also the triangular wedge of the Negev Desert in the south (with Eilat at the southernmost point). The country western coastal plain stretches from Rosh Ha-Nikra in the north to the edge of the Sinai Peninsula in the south. This plain is only 2.5-4 miles wide in the north and expands as it moves southward to about 31 miles. Israel mountainous region stretches from Lebanon in the north to Eilat Bay in the south, between the coastal plain and the Jordan Valley Rift. The hilly Golan region is east of the Jordan River. Jordan Valley Rift which extends the entire length of Israel from the northern town of Metula to the Red Sea in the south.

The Galilee-Israel northern region as you can see in Israel regions map is filled with a lovely countryside of forested mountains and olive groves dotted with Israeli-Arab cities and towns, kibbutzim, and the remains of ancient ruined cities, synagogues, and churches. The Dead Sea-Easy to visit for a day by using Jerusalem as your base, the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the earth, is also a good place to visit for a few days as part of a jaunt into the Negev Desert. The Mediterranean Coast-If you want to relax on the beach, get to know this area, also known as the Golden Coast.

The country has four main geographic regions as its shown in Israel regions map: the coastal plain in the northwest, the highlands in the north and center, the Negev in the south, and the Great Rift Valley in the east. Most of the population lives on the coastal plain, a long, narrow strip of land along the Mediterranean. This region includes sandy beaches and sand dunes, the large urban areas of Tel Aviv–Yafo and Haifa, and stretches of rich farmland. The Plain of Sharon is the section of the coastal plain that extends south of Haifa to Tel Aviv–Yafo.

Israel political map

Map of Israel administrative

The Israel political map shows regions and provinces of Israel. This administrative map of Israel will allow you to show regions, administrative borders and cities of Israel in Asia. The Israel political map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Israel is a parliamentary state governed by a single legislative body, the Knesset as its shown in Israel political map. The Knesset has 120 members who are elected every four years through proportional representation. Since it is difficult for a single party to win a majority of the seats, government by coalition is common in Israel. After parliamentary elections, the leader of the poltical party that has won the most seats in the Knesset usually becomes prime minister.

Political life is organized around parties. The two principal parties as its mentioned in Israel political map are Labor and Likud. Until 1977 the Labor and allied Workers parties dominated Israeli governments. In 1977 the nationalist Likud party bloc, with religious and small right-wing allies, first came to power. Economically the Labor party stands for socialism and strong government intervention, the Likud for free enterprise.

Since the country founding, it has needed to stave off attack from the numerically superior and geographically advantaged forces of its hostile Arab neighbors. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have developed into the finest and best-equipped armed forces in the Middle East. Israel major political relationship has been with the United States (see Israel political map). The United States has provided the country with economic and military aid, including sophisticated weapons.

Israel states map

Map of Israel states

The Israel states map shows all departments and regions of Israel. States map of Israel will allow you to know areas and cities of Israel in Israel. The Israel states map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The country is divided into 6 states—Central, Jerusalem, Haifa, Northern, Southern, and Tel Aviv—and into 15 substates as its mentioned in Israel states map. Local government consists of municipalities, local councils (for smaller settlements), or regional rural councils. The bylaws of the councils, as well as their budgets, are subject to approval by the Ministry of the Interior. Local government elections are held every five years.

Israel reorganized into the present six states. HaZafon formed from Galilee and Acre and small parts of Haifa and Samaria. Haifa formed from most of Haifa and a small part of Samaria. HaMerkaz formed from a large part of Lydda and small parts of Samaria and Gaza. Tel Aviv as its shown in Israel states map formed from part of Lydda. The state of Jerusalem formed from parts of former Jerusalem and Lydda. HaDarom formed from most of Gaza and a small part of former Jerusalem.

West Bank, consisting of most of Jerusalem and Samaria and a small part of Lydda, annexed to Jordan. Samaria became Nablus (Nabulus) state in Jordan. The southwestern part of Jerusalem became Hebron (Al-Khalil) state as you can see in Israel states map. The remainder of the area became Jerusalem (Al-Quds) state.